About Us

The church is based in Lings, an estate built in the 1970s to accommodate families from London. We feel called to serve this community and share the love of Jesus by running children & young people’s groups. Storehouse Community Trust, which is part of our ministry, is an associate charity which runs Little Fishes Preschool & Coffee Bar in Term Time and Open Door Coffee Bar in the School holidays.

We are committed to:
Living God’s Way in the power and freedom of the Holy Spirit
Building relationships by following biblical values of loving, trusting, understanding and honouring each other
Caring for the community by expressing God’s love in practical ways
Making disciples as Jesus commanded us to do.

We enjoy a varied, Spirit-led style of worship, and have separate teaching for children and adults.

We meet in homes on Wednesdays at 8pm. Please phone 01604 785969 for venues. Here we aim to deepen our love for God, each other and the wider Community.

As a church we are part of the Pioneer network of Churches and the Evangelical Alliance. We are also a Fairtrade Church.

Together with Emmanuel Church at Weston Favell we run a Foodbank every Wednesday from 10am until 1pm.

The Church is led by a Leadership Team which is headed up by Joy Smither.