About Us

The church is based in Lings, an estate built in the 1970s to accommodate families from London. We feel called to serve this community and share the love of Jesus by running children & young people’s groups. Storehouse Community Trust, which is part of our ministry, is an associate charity which runs Little Fishes Preschool & Coffee Bar in Term Time.

We enjoy a varied, Spirit-led style of worship, and have separate teaching for children and adults.

Our Vision

  • To worship God passionately and be empowered by the Holy Spirit.
  • To see families coming to faith, being discipled and engaged in mission.
  • To participate actively with the wider church in mission.

Our Values


Storehouse Church is a place where you can be who you really are before God and before others. We are open and honest with each other about our lives, knowing that we will be accepted but also knowing that there is help to become the person that God designed us to be.


Everything in the Kingdom of God is designed to grow. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to grow in Christ-like character, generosity and gifting because that enables God to use us to our fullest potential. We are growing disciples of Jesus who reach out to others to disciple them. We give all ages the opportunity to identify, develop and use their gifts in God’s service.


Church is a community of people. It doesn’t take too long before people start to comment that it feels like family. We are a community committed to sharing our lives with one another. We are also committed to living in and reaching out to the community around us on Northampton East.  We are working with other churches in Northampton to share the love of Jesus.

As a church we are part of the Pioneer network of Churches and the Evangelical Alliance. We support Fairtrade.

Together with St Peter’s Church and Emmanuel Church at Weston Favell we run a Foodbank every Monday 1.30pm – 3.30.pm & Wednesday from 10am until 1pm.

The Church is led by a Leadership Team which is headed up by Joy Smither.

Racial Beliefs

Storehouse Church is appalled by the brutal murder of George Floyd in Minnesota in the USA. We are part of the Pioneer Network of Churches in the UK, who stand alongside our brothers and sisters across the United States as they lament this terrible act of racial violence and the divisions and inequalities that it has exposed. We join them in praying for justice, righteousness, repentance, peace and healing.

We recognise, however, that this is not an isolated event and that the deeply ingrained racial injustice that it represents is not confined to the United States. We are becoming increasingly aware of the prejudice, inequality and injustice that those of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds continue to endure as part of their everyday lives in 21st Century Britain.

As a kingdom-orientated, relational movement, we celebrate the equality of all God’s sons and daughters as co-heirs with Jesus Christ. We commit ourselves afresh to pursuing the righteousness and justice upon which God’s throne is established. We ask God to pour out his Spirit afresh across his church.