Welcome to Storehouse Church.

By on Oct 16, 2020 in News |

During this time of Covid 19, our Sunday mornings and some of our weekly events have moved online. Why not visit the links below or our YouTube page, Storehouse Church, Northampton, to see what we are doing?

We appreciate that this is a very difficult time for us all and as we begin to come out of lockdown we will face a different set of challenges.

The interest in prayer has increased substantially over the last few months and the sale of bibles has also gone up as people search for something or someone to give them hope and comfort.

As Christians, we believe God is the only one who can give us the hope and that through his son Jesus we can have a personal relationship with him.

If you would like to discover what a difference knowing God can make in your life send us an email, or ring Joy on 07853765517